Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tom Bob and Me


In today's episode of Fantomas, the great criminal appears in disguise as:

détective américain

That's what it says on his calling card.  Pretty damn cool.  Nobody does Americans quite the way that the French do.

And continuing my efforts to make the world a more interesting place . . .

I'm adding a flourish to my readings.  I already make it a habit to sign and date the typescript I read from and then leave it behind for whoever wants it.  And now . . .

Last weekend, I was chatting with Nancy Kress and Eileen Gunn in the bar with a partial draft of "Of Finest Scarlet Was Her Gown," one of the three stories I'm currently working most intently on, open before me.  Idly, I dipped a finger into the wine and drew a candle on page 1.

When I got home and transferred all my scribbled changes onto a more current draft yesterday, I started to dump the old typescript in the trash and stopped.  It was just so very artifacty, I couldn't throw it out.  So I signed and dated it and set it aside.

My plan now is to bring it with me, the first time I do a public reading of the story and leave it behind for whoever wants it.  Presumably I'll do the same with other stories.  Those of you who like to collect manuscripts and such might want to keep this in mind.

Can't say when that will be, though.  I have to finish the story first.

Above:  There it is, the distinguished thing.


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