Thursday, February 25, 2021

The Book of Blarney



Dragonstairs Press, Marianne Porter's one-woman  nanopress, has just announced its latest chapbook, with flash fictions written by yours truly.

 Here's her press release:

The Book of Blarney is being published in a small limited edition this Friday afternoon and is pretty much guaranteed to go out of print within the hour. 

Dragonstairs celebrates St. Patrick's Day! 

Four whimsical, cynical vignettes on the theme of Ireland's religious and literary history.

5 ½ by 4 ¼ inches.  Wrapper of Nepalese lokta paper, in two different states. Decorated with an applied harp label and green ribbon.   Numbered and signed by the author.  Issued in an edition of 50, 11 of which were distributed to participants of Michael Swanwick's virtual kaffeklatch at 2021 Boskone.  36 will be available for sale on Friday, 3 PM EST, at

 Since the run is small, this is pretty much guaranteed to sell out within the hour. Marianne hates it when I point that out. But I mention it just to give you some advance warning.


Monday, February 22, 2021

Dream Atlas



I'm in print again! That always makes me feel good. And in good company too. 

Here's how ""Dream Atlas" begins: 

This is new, she thought. Remember it.


In her dream, a red-and-white bird with sharp little teeth was fussing over its eggs, turning them with its beak. They were ivory, speckled with brown, and nestled atop a bed of ferns inside a shallow dirt cave. Eleanor heard ocean waves crashing and the sharp cries of other toothbirds as they flashed by. She smelled the salt air, the ferns, the dirt, the sweet tang of droppings—and that was unusual. All within a bright circle of light in the gloom. It was like peering down a long, dim tunnel.


Eleanor knew it was a dream because she was a lucid dreamer and…

To read more, of course, you'll need a copy of the March/April 2021 issue of Asimov's Science Fiction. 

But you already have a subscription, don't you?


Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Bones of the Earth E-Book Sale! One Day Only!



I spent a year researching Bones of the Earth--interviewing paleontologists, viewing fossils, and of course reading intensely. As I wrote, I called paleontologist Dr. Tom Holtz at least once a week with a long list of questions. Then, as I finished each chapter, I ran it pas dinosaur reconstruction artistt Robert Walters, who would return it to me with an insultingly long list of corrections to be made. After which I ran it past paleontologist Ralph Chapman, who returned it to me with an insultingly long list of yet more corrections to be made. When I turned in the manuscript to my publisher, it was the most accurate dinosaur novel in existence.

When the book was published, some months later, it was less accurate. Because new discoveries had overturned some of the novel's presumptions. I don't think I'd date run a rigorous fact-check on it today.

Nevertheless, it's a lot of fun and, I dare to say, a pretty accurate look at what paleontology would be like if only its practitioners had access to time travel. 

And, for one day only, the e-book is coming up on sale! Here's the details as they were given me:

We are pleased to let you know that the following ebook(s) will be featured in price promotions soon.

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9781504036467 Bones of the Earth Swanwick, Michael ORM - Portalist NL US 2021-02-10 2021-02-10 $1.99
9781504036467 Bones of the Earth Swanwick, Michael ORM - Portalist NL CA 2021-02-10 2021-02-10 $1.99

Open Road will promote the feature via social media. We hope you can share the deal with your network as well. You can subscribe to the newsletters at the links below so that you will get the direct link to the deal on the day that it appears.

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And it's back to work with me . . .

 In the past several days, I've gone over proofed copies of three stories, "Hugin and Munin--and What Came Next," "Dreadnought," and "Annie Without Crow."  Coming out from three different zines. I'll be letting you know which ones, as they are announced.


Thursday, February 4, 2021

Artificial People in China



Once again, I'm in print in China!  That always gives me a particular pleasure because I've visited the country several times and I have friends in the science fiction community there. 

The magazine in question is Science Fiction World and the story is "Artificial People," which was published not that long ago in Clarkesworld. The story is about an artificially created being coming of age in a difficult era and trying to come to terms with life. So that's pretty much universal.

The late and very brilliant writer Thomas Disch eventually came to the conclusion that science fiction was a children's literature--or, to put it a little close to the bone, a literature for adolescents. Many science fiction writers took umbrage at this. But I gave it serious thought and decided that, whatever Disch's intentions, the claim is not the insult he meant it to be.

For most readers, the most intense period of their reading lives is in their teen years and shortly thereafter. They're still trying to figure out life, to understand what's going on, and as they re ad they're looking for clues. So if you have something to say about the cruelties and wonder, the glory and despair of existence... well, often enough an adolescent will be your ideal reader.

I found myself thinking about this today in part because of the nature of the story. But also because of the nature of Chinese science fiction fandom. For the longest time, SF was seen as a YA literary form. Readership peaked senior year of high school, declined in college, and went to zero on graduation. Cixin Liu was the first writer there to become an adult best-seller. But he's certainly not going to be the last.

Right now, Chinese science fiction is where American science fiction was not so long ago. But they're catching up fast and I applaud them for that. This is an exciting time for SF in China and, as I've often said before, I'm happy to be an extremely part of that.


Oh, and . . .

You can read "Artificial People" in the original English here. Or, you know, just go to Clarkesworld and poke around. It's a good magazine. It will reward your time.


Above: The Dragonstairs Press rug dragon is delighted with my newest foray into print.



Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Ending February 4!!! The Iron Dragon's Mother e-Book for $2.99



This is a first! The Iron Dragon's Mother ebook is on sale! It's available for $2.99 sale today and tomorrow--Febrruary 3 and 4--on BookBub

So if a) you read ebooks, b) you'd like to read The Iron Dragon's Mother, and c) you can afford to spend three bucks, well... this is your chance.

People tell me I don't push my books aggressively enough. But that's why I'm in Creative and not Sales--so I won't have to. 

I have people who do that for me.