Thursday, April 14, 2011

Scribbledehobbledehoyden: The Magpie's Eye: Page 71


December 15, 2008

Kyle & Michael just left, after taking pictures of me mugging in my office.

[For Kyle Cassidy's Where I Write series]

More notes for possible Christmas stories:

Mouse Ghost (Silver)
"The Moose was dead, to begin with."
A Clockwork Christmas

And then a list of things to do that day.



Eileen Gunn said...

Michael, did you ever write the Moose story? It needs a wolverine. (Ask Google.)

Michael Swanwick said...

Well . . . I didn't actually WRITE the Moose story. I told it, though. The narrator was Greedhand who, despite his raffish name, is a sweet and gullible soul, and the part of Ebenezer Moose was played by the Misinformation Moose. Who was of course not really dead. You'd have to to have lived Sean's childhood to have gotten all the references.

The Misinformation Moose, incidentally, was the only one of my imaginary creatures to be banned from the house. He still telephones from time to time, though.

Any wolverine that tangles with the Misinformation Moose had better keep one hand on his wallet at all times.

Eileen Gunn said...

A wolverine is more likely to have one hand on your wallet, so perhaps he'd be no match for the Moose.