Monday, April 25, 2011

Congratulations To All Nominees!

Mike Resnick wrote me on Facebook, hoping I lose in the Hugo short fiction category and saying I have his permission to wish the same on him.

Eh? I thought.  That's not like Mike.  So I looked up the brand-new nominees list, and saw that neither of us is up this year.  Which means that, unlike most years, we don't get to share the hypocritical pleasure of each wishing the other wins.

Well . . .  I just got off the red-eye from Seattle and I'm not at my sharpest.  But I was sharp enough to notice that Mike's and Barry Malzberg's collection of colums, The Business of Science Fiction made it onto the ballot for Best Related Work.  Those columns run in the SFWA Bulletin and every month I read 'em and admire 'em and fantasize that someday I'll know half as much about this field as either Barry or Mike  So congratulations to the both of them!  And everyone else who has the honor of making it onto the ballot as well.

Which includes performer Rachel Bloom and director Paul Briganti who made it on for a music video whose name Renovation dared not print in its entirety -- Fuck Me, Ray Bradbury.  I do hope that whoever reads off the list of nominees has the good sense to sing it out loud, proud, and uncensored.

You can find the complete Hugo Awards nominations list here.

As for me, I plan to go lie down in a dark room now.


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Frank Böhmert said...

Great video! I loved it.
(Hope Mr. Bradbury too.)

Barry Malzberg is too smart. Mucho.
Better be dumbo
And spread your ears

And fly.