Sunday, April 3, 2011

APPEARANCES -- Sunday Update

I'm adding a new feature to the blog.  From now on, every Sunday I'm going to post an up-to-date list of all scheduled upcoming appearances.

Here's the first:

April 22-24      Norwescon
                         Sea-Tac, WA

May 19-22      Nebula Awards
                        Washington, DC

May 27-30       Balticon
                        Baltimore, MD
June 7              New York Review of Science Fiction Reading

July 15-17        Readercon
                        Burlington, MA

July 22             Philadelphia Fantastic (reading)
                        Moonstone Arts, Philadelphia

August 19-21   Renovation (Worldcon)
                         Reno, NV

Sept. 21            KGB Bar (reading)

And in 2012 . . .

Aug. 31- Sept. 2   Chicon 7



Zvi said...

Thanks, Michael! Any idea about World Fantasy Convention (Nov 1-4, 2012) in Toronto?

Michael Swanwick said...

I'm a big fan of Toronto. But I almost never attend the World Fantasy Convention because my anniversary is November 1st. As a result, once a year I have the opportunity to demonstrate to Marianne where she stands in my affections, relative to my career.

I have been doing this for over thirty years, and we are still married.

So, with all due apologies, I won't be there.