Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Things Simmering Away


This glitterati life! I've been signing tip-in sheets for an unannounced future project. It sounds glamorous. But five reams of signature sheets is a lot of work.

Every now and then, Marianne will ask if she can sign just one of the sheets for me. "No," I say.

"But it'll be much rarer than the others!"

"Speciously put, but no."

I cannot remember ever saying no to Marianne on any other request. But the people buying an autographed book expect it to be autographed by the author. I won't betray that trust. Even for a mischievous wife.

And in the Image Bopk . . .

The top image is labeled A MAP OF THE WORLD.

Below, where it says "the Crown of Thorns," is actually a label for tomorrow's image.

This is the last page of the book, incidentally. Only the inside and outside back covers to go.


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