Saturday, July 13, 2019

Ben and Ethel on the Moon


I'm at Readercon, relentlessly promoting my brilliant New fantasy nove!, THE IRON DRAGON'S MOTHER, and hobbling with various literary types. Alas, I cannot share any photos with you. My electronic devices won't cooperate. They never do.

It's not that I'm a Luddite. It's the MACHINES that are the Luddites. They refuse to work with me. They fear that if they do, I'll take over.

And I would, if I could. But they won't let me. Sure I can't.

Well played, machines.

And the highlight . . .

Undenably, the best event of the con has been not an official one but a Fringe performance. This was the first public reading ever of Greer Gilman's one act play Small Kingdom. Greer herself played Ben Jonson, "playwight, pedant, malcontent," and Marianne Porter was Ethel Smyth, " composer, suffragist, Sapphist. "

It was, in my unbiased opinion brilliant. Also loads of fun.

More, I hope, Tuesday, when I get back home, where my machines are more trusting.


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