Friday, July 19, 2019

Reading in the Rain


Yesterday, Marianne and I drove to Baltimore for the Charm City reading series at Bird in Hand Cafe, hosted by The Ivy Bookshop.  The weather was threatening. Then, an hour before the scheduled event time, the heavens tore open and produced a real frog-strangler. Rain so heavy that cars pulled off the road, wind that tore branches off the trees, and for a decorative flourish... lightning!

All the old hands at this kind of event will tell you that this is a recipe for disaster.

But while the turnout was much smaller than it would have been, there was a good sized crowd of mostly the core attendees. Leslye Penelope and T. Eric Bakutis and I read gallantly from our works, and received a warm reception, and afterward many of us went to the ramen restaurant next door.

So it was a good evening. I'm sorry if you missed it.

That's Leslye up above, reading from her Song of Blood and Stone.

And speaking of autographed books . . .
I autographed some of the stock for The Ivy Bookshop--and they do mail orders. So if you need an autographed copy of The Iron Dragon's Mother, you can contact them. Be sure to specify that you want an autographed copy, though. They also have the unautographed version, for those who prefer their books not scribbled in.

Their website can be found here.

And in the Image Book . . .

The text says it all: A glimpse of the Goddess. Not a goddess, mind you. The One That matters.

Above: For those who came in late, I've been posting images from my Image Book to help promote my recently-published and wonderfully entertaining novel The Iron Dragon's Mother. We're getting near to the end of the series. Only seven more to go!


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