Friday, July 5, 2019

Public Appearances!


It's that time of year when I make one or two of my rare public appearances. This month they are...

July 12-14th, Readercon.

If you're going, you know all about Readercon. If not, you won't be there. But I will. I'll be very publicly wandering about and happy to chat with you and maybe even sign a copy of The Iron Dragon's Mother.

July 17,  7:00 p. m. Charm City Spec at:

          Bird in Hand
          11 E. 33rd Street

          Baltimore, MD 21218

This will be my first time there, but everyone who's attended tells me it's a great event. In addition to me, Leslye Penelope, the award-winning author of fantasy and paranormal romance,  be reading from Song of Blood & Stone: Special Earthsinger Edition,  andT. Eric Bakutis, the award-winning author and game designer, will be reading from an unspecified book. So it looks to be a pretty darned good night.

I'm looking forward to it, anyway.

And on the above picture from the Image Book . . .

I wrote: The Crow Goddess, blind in one eye, wise but not kind

Then, below the doctored picture, I wrote No! It's Saoirse

Saoirse is a major character in The Iron Dragon's Mother. But to find out more, you'll have to read the book. Or, you know, hang out with that friend of yours who insists on telling you the entire plot of books you haven't gotten around to reading yet.

Above: For those who came in late, as a way of drawing attention to my newly-published novel, I've been serializing the Image Book I put together as a way of helping me to visualize Faerie and its inhabitants. There are something like seventeen more to go.


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