Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Scribbledehobbledehoyden: The Magpie's Eye: Page 39


An unused opening sentence.  It's yours, if you want it:

This is the way the world ends, not with a bang but with an offer you can't refuse.

And then this, not from my novel, I hasten to reassure you:

The worker housing looked like an extruded turd.  Which it wasn't -- literally.  Though it was made up of organic waste products extruded by a gent whose characterization I refuse to [something].
You know what he was.

Again, I censored out a plot point from the novel.  The same one, in fact, I censored out earlier.  It would have been pointless to leave one in.

Finally, a fragment of the novel which does reveal a plot point.  You have been warned:

"Okay, boys," Enkidu said reluctantly.  "We've got our orders.  Try to be gentle.  I mean, kill 'em, but with a minimum of pain, if you know what I'm getting at." 
"Wait!" Surplus said.  "--

Man, that's what I call a cliff-hanger!  The (*) is a note to myself to make sure I include this bit in the novel.


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