Friday, June 21, 2019

Four Days to Go!


The Iron Dragon's Mother will be published on Tuesday! That's only four days away. I can hardly wait.

Meanwhile, I'm working on a dozen things at once. I've written introductions to books, I've got stories scheduled in Asimov's Science Fiction and The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction and at least one anthology, and there are a couple of essays out there as well. There are other remarkable projects in the works as well.

None of which I can talk about right now. Ironically enough, it's when I'm at my most productive that  I have the least news to impart. And, as a rule, vice versa.
And from the Image Book . . .

A leaf. Also a picture, the only one, of Cat and Helen together. This is not a literal depiction, remember. It's more like a snapshot of their souls during a moment of particular stress. But there's truth to it.

Above: For those who came in late, my latest novel, The Iron Dragon's Mother, will be published in only 4 days. To draw attention to this fact, I'm serializing the Image Book I made to help me imagine a strange world for the book.


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