Monday, February 7, 2011

Snow Monsters of Somerville


You can never predict these things.  Last weekend, I took a snapshot of the snow pile in my backyard, with tea candles in its eyes and mouth.  Alert websurfer Rona Fischman asked permission to repost it, and then sent the link to the Somerville Patch.  Where it was posted along with her idea that lots of Somervilleans should create their own snow monsters all at once and turn it into a yearly event. 

A kind-of-rainy Saturday put a bit of a damper on the project,  but several people created snow monsters nonetheless.

You can see the Somerville photos here

I think we should all rent a bus next year when Somerville does this again, and descend upon the town with snow shovels and bushels of tea candles to create giant snow monsters out of the snow mountains at the edge of their mall parking lots.

Above:  The snow monster is delighted to discover that he's a role model.  Also, he grew another eye.


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