Saturday, February 5, 2011

And I'm in (Forthcoming) Print Again!


My pal, Jeffrey Ford, has just released the table of contents for Jonathan Strahan's anthology Eclipse (number) Four.  How he got it, I don't know.  But it was picked up by SF Signal, so it's not exactly a secret anymore.

And here it is:

Introduction, Jonathan Strahan

“Slow as a Bullet”, Andy Duncan
“Tidal Forces”, Caitlin R. Kiernan
“The Beancounter’s Cat”, Damien Broderick
“Story Kit”, Kij Johnson
“The Man in Grey”, Michael Swanwick
“Old Habits”, Nalo Hopkinson
“The Vicar of Mars”, Gwyneth Jones
“Fields of Gold”, Rachel Swirsky
“Thought Experiment”, Eileen Gunn
“The Double of My Double Is Not My Double”, Jeffrey Ford
“Nine Muses”, Emma Bull
“Dying Young”, Peter M Ball
“The Panda Coin”, Jo Walton
“Tourists”, James Patrick Kelly

That's one damn fine lineup.  But of all the stories in the anthology, "The Man in Grey" is best.  Because I wrote it.

The other authors may, of course, disagree.



Kij Johnson said...

I love the company we're in.

Ken Houghton said...

Is your pal "Geofrrey Ford" any relation to the "Jeffrey Ford" whose name adorns the cover?

Michael Swanwick said...

Correction made. Thanks, Ken.

I must have momentarily confused Jeff with Geoff Ryman. An easy mistake to make. The two are practically twins.

Eileen Gunn said...

What a great table of contents! I look forward to "The Man in Grey" and the rest of the stories -- except my own, 'cause I've read that one.

But Michael, you are being far too modest. My story, "Thought Experiment," is, as you know, based on a detailed description you sent me of one of your dreams. So you have somehow sneaked a second story into Eclipse Four. Very clever, Mr. Swanwick.

Andy Duncan said...

I'm honored to be alongside y'all!

Michael Swanwick said...

So that's a total of fourteen writers of whom only four are happy to be in each others' company?

Ah, we few, we happy few, we band of brothers! And feminist sisters.

Kij Johnson said...

Maybe we're the only ones who search on our own names. No, that can't be.