Thursday, February 24, 2011

From Boskone to the Stars


Okay, yes, I confess.  I had a great time at Boskone.  It's a violation of the Authors' Code of Silence to say so, but the Boston fans put on a good convention.

There I am, leftmost, followed by Marianne and our dear friends from Mattapoisett, none of whom have given me permission to divulge their names, so I won't.  Marianne and I like 'em a lot, though.  Some of our favorite people in the known universe.

Even in black and white you can tell we're having fun.

And lest you fail to listen . . .

The second installment of Darger & Surplus Teach You . . . How to Run a Con (brilliantly performed -- on the average -- by Gregory Frost and myself; my own performance being merely very good should tell you all you need to know about Greg's)  is up at StarShipSofa.  This week's episode is "You Can't Cheat An Honest Man."

Click here for StarShipSofa, and here for the permalink to the podcast.

Above:  Credit photo to Other Undisclosed Mattaspoissett Person.  If she wants, I'll edit this post to credit her by name.

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