Monday, March 10, 2014

Geek Highways


I'm hitting the road again, off on the Geek American Road Trip.  Saturday morning I set out on a two week road trip from Philadelphia to Boston -- and it will be a close thing if I can make it in that time.

Why?  Because I am a writer of science fiction and fantasy and I am looking for my roots.  I'll be searching out sites of  both literary and scientific significance.  And I'll be not only blogging about it but tweeting as well.

Those who wish to follow our adventure (Marianne is coming along as my camerawoman and tech crew) can do so by following @michaelswanwick on Twitter.  Or look for #geekhighways.  I'll also be posting here pretty much every day.

This will, I hope, be very cool.  Keep your fingers crossed for me.

And keep watching the skies.

 Above:  Okay, there are no roads like that between Philadelphia and Boston.  This shot was taken in Nevada.  But a road is a road is a road, as Aunt Gertrude would have put it.  That sense of limitless possibility is everywhere.



Fran Wilde said...

Present for you, sir: (there's a smartphone app too, but the site has a really nice interface for showing a whole bunch of little-known things within N miles of your proposed route...

Eileen Gunn said...

Sounds like fun, Michael & Marianne. Thanks for bringing us along.