Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Ten Thousand Feet and Only Two Pairs of Socks


Sometimes I wonder if other people see these thing as well.  I was on my way to the Grand Basin National Park when I saw a rusted-out old flivver in a field.  There was something white inside, so I went to take a closer look . . .

. . . and discovered a ghost cow out on a joyride!

The park itself was a hoot, twelve miles of winding two-lane no-passing road up the side of Wheeler Peak.  The altitude was 6,500 feet at its foot and we went up as far as cars could go to 10,000 feet.  Pretty wonderful.  At that altitude I couldn't manage the mile-and-a-half trek to see the 4,000-year-old bristlecone pines -- not with my lungs!  But it was a strange and beautiful environment, which I enjoyed immensely.

Mount Wheeler is so large it creates its own weather systems.  Which may be why it rained on me on the way down the mountain.

Rain in Nevada!  Sometimes I think my experiences aren't the same as everybody else's.


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