Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Scribbledehobbledehoyden: The Magpie's Eye: Page 159


Here I'm plotting out Dancing With Bears.  It's worth nothing that I dropped the "tank grown" (which I lifted from the Dune books) as being just too awful.  The double-asterisks at the bottom are to make sure I don't forget to include that line.

My notes:

A:  1)  Bring up Y. as a character.
      2)  Find a rationale for the mask & imposture.
      3)  Koschei's revelation comes last & leaves A. feeling impotent and demoralized.  He overdoses,
           hoping to multiply strength.  He is stoned.  He is God.  He walks into the Terem Palace and sits
           upon the throne.
"Are you . . . him?"
"Yes, my children.
I am He Whom you seek."
AP     Crisis 1)  cut off from cigarettes
          Crisis 2)  Darger is missing

"We are searching for a weapon . . .  He may have found it."
"He claims he is searching for the tomb of the Lost Tsar.  But he is not."

     She convinces them he is looking for the Lost Tsar.
     They cut off her cigarettes

            The underlords [something] to grow rasputin

            "Tank grown."
            "What are the women for?"
            "They are the tanks."

Separate "tank grown" from revelation

Change title:  The Reign of Terror

* * "I'd kill for a smoke, "she said.


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