Monday, August 22, 2011

On the Road Again!


Sorry to be so late in the day posting this.  This morning Marianne and I left Fallon, Nevada, and headed east on Route 50, famed as "the loneliest road in America."  That's it up above.  And, hoo boy, does it live up to its billing!

We had a great time, stopping at a pony express station, seeing Sand Mountain, driving into the hills to look at an earthquake fault, photographing petroglyphs, seeing a black-eared jackrabbit for the first time, and many other things as well.  We were going to stay in Eureka but when we got there, there was no room at the inn.  All the hotel rooms were taken.  So, feeling a certain amount of dread, we headed for the nearest lodgings -- which were seventy miles away in Ely.

Luckily, we found a room in the historic Hotel Nevada, where such luminaries as Stephen King, Gary Cooper, Pat Nixon, and Pretty Boy Floyd have stayed.  So I am happy, though exhausted, and wish the same for you.  Only not the exhausted part.

And I'm in e-print again . . .

If you go to Fantasy Magazine here, you can read "The Edge of the World," one of my best-known stories.  Of you can go direct to it by clicking here.  There's a lot more autobiographical material in that story than you'd expect.

Above:  As Donald Rumsfeld might have put it, you sell real estate with the history you've got.



Anonymous said...

Avoid the restaurant!

(Safe journeys!)

JJM said...

One of the survivors ended up running an inn. I'm not sure how many people availed themselves of the dining room once they found out who the innkeeper was ...--Mario

JJM said...

Enjoying your travelogue, btw.