Wednesday, August 17, 2011

George R. R. Martin Sighting Du Jour


Last Sunday, reading the New York Times, I ran across a reference to an old friend that I will confess gave me a momentary twinge of jealousy.  No, I'm not referring to the back-page essay in the New York Times Book Review which was all about how wonderful George R. R. Martin was.  ("Martin’s second virtue is a nearly supernatural gift for storytelling," it, for example, reads.  Click here to read for more informed and effusive praise.)  I'm referring to the fact that Jonathan Lethem's name was used in the cryptacrostic puzzle.  Even more amazingly, rather than referencing Motherless Brooklyn or The Fortress of Solitude, the clue was "Author of Gun, With Occasional Music -- his science fiction novel.  The guy's really tearing up the charts!

Not that George is failing to become a part of the common parlance.  As note the above clip from The Daily Show.  (Warning:  It starts with a commercial.)

And tomorrow I leave for Nevada . . .

So my blogging may be a bit sporadic.  I'll do my best to post daily.  But some of the places I'm going aren't likely to have broadband.  We shall see.



Ken Houghton said...

"the clue was "Author of Gun, With Occasional Music -- his science fiction novel"

Hey! There's a reason we gave Gun, With Occasional Music the William L. Crawford Award for Best First Fantasy Novel. (And it wasn't just that all the other good first fantasies had been Honourable Mentions under the previous judge.)

Michael Swanwick said...

Jonathan's got stuff, all right. I'm glad that the mainstream audience can see that too.