Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Slow Day at Last!


The editing of Dancing With Bears is over and done with -- I turned in the final text yesterday.  Now all that remains is for it to be brilliantly published by Night Shade Books and me to wait for the accolades and money to roll in.

So I took the day off.

I drove out to Franklin Maps in King of Prussia to pick up a map of China for a big project I have in mind.  Then off to the Italian Market for brie and gorgonzola and sheep's milk gouda, along with sweet sopressata, fresh pickled tomatoes, and oil-cured olives from DiBruno's,  tortellini and cheese ravioli and mushroom agnolotti and calabrese olives from Talluto's, and a loaf of bread from Sarcone's.  Those, and a bottle of wine will be tonight's supper.   Then to Cafe Huong Lan (1037 S. 8th Street -- and highly recommended!) to pick up three banh mi for lunch.

Sometimes it's good to live in Philadelphia.

Above:  Talluto's.  It looks a little crowded in the picture, but that's misleading.  It's a lot crowded.  With some of the finest food on earth.  


Chad Hull said...

I might be crashing your place for leftovers; I don't even know what some of that stuff is but it sounds great.

Shawn said...

Hey, is there an "official" street date for Dancing With Bears yet? and if so, When? Also, Is Dancing With Bears the official title of the book and if so was it one of the titles that your faithful blogging fable readers suggested or was it all your idea?

Theophylact said...

Di Bruno's is sufficient reason to live in Philadelphia.

Eileen Gunn said...

Major congratulations on finishing the novel! What the heck, you might as well take Christmas off too, eh? What the heck!


Unknown said...

Hurrah and Jubilation!

Waiting for the copies of the novel in bookstores, I'd like to inform you that your Libertarian Russia is included in new The Best of the Year antology. Gardner recently announced its contents.


Unknown said...

Some more info about Michael'S nove here: