Sunday, August 22, 2010

There Will Always Be A Scotland


It's Sunday and I don't blog on Sundays.  But I thought you might like seeing the above sign.



Gregory said...

Hi Michael .... I had the chance to try Haggis when I was house/cat sitting in den Haag this last spring. Haggis is pretty damn good and I look forward to my next chance to have it.

Unknown said...

I don't know why I'm afraid of trying haggis when I grew up eating scrapple. But there's just something about it that puts me right off.
Love the Haggis Panini sign.

Erin English said...

One of the Scottish pubs in my city makes some decent haggis. I've been wanting some ever since you've been mentioning it, but both times I went recently, they've been sold out.

Man, I want some.

Dan Gambiera said...

I've made haggis. The Scot attending my Burns Supper pronounced it tasty and classic. None of the other guests would eat more than a couple polite mouthfuls. The dogs were thrilled.

I have never understood why the Scots eat the stuff other than extreme poverty.

Neil_in_Chicago said...

One of the odder memories of the first Glasgow Worldcon was Joe's Original Pakora Bar. (No one I knew ever found out if all the other Joe's Pakora Bars were imitations.)
Among the unlikely items on the menu was haggis pakora.

Michael Swanwick said...

Dear God, it would be GREAT!