Thursday, September 19, 2019

Thursday's Diagram


A whole page today! With comments.


*** When will Helen feel compassion for Charlotte?

I think she does by the end of the novel; but I wouldn't swear to it.

[*?? The daughter who knows she has more power than her  Mom]

I don't think Caitlin ever realizes that. In most cases, it's not true anyway.

The top Venn diagram shows All and Nothing with an asterisk footed at the bottom You are here. I'm being playful, obviously, but giving the deep underpinnings some serious thought nonetheless.

The second, punnishly labeled Zen diagram,  shows Earth and Faerie overlapping, the two realms touching, and the two realms separate. 1 and 3 I understand. The question is which of the three relationships is the real one. And that I did figure out by the end.

*What  is Charlotte's nom de fugitive?

This will be obvious as soon as I realize the protagonist's name is not Charlotte but Caitlin.

Faerie is not unchanging -- is it timeless?

Now, having finished hte book, I think that Faerie is not timeless. But I wouldn't swear to it.

The diagrams will get less whimsical as I go deeper into the novel and begin to understand it better. The beginning is always the roughest part. But the significant part is that drawing diagrams forces me to ask questions that need to be addressed.


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