Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Just Another Quiet Day


Quiet day.  Wrote a few pages of "The Mongolian Wizard."  Drove to the comic book store and bought the most recent Moomintroll comics book.

Oh, yeah.  And Osama bin Laden is still shark shit.

Above:  That's where I learned the news a couple of days ago.  On Ridge Avenue, two blocks from where I live.  I know it's bad of me to feel good about the death of a human being.  But there are human beings and human beings, knawmean?



JJM said...

I am glad to hear those Moomin comics are being made available in the US. (My budget isn't glad, but *I* am.) Are the ones you're talking about different from the collected "complete Tove Jansson comic strip" series? --Mario

Kai said...

I'm really suprised too! ...About Moomins published on US.
Michael, when you were on 2003 here on Turku - Finland for Finncon 03 event, did you have time to visit Moominworld themepark located just very near? -Kai

Michael Swanwick said...

Kai, I did not. But I did visit the Moomin museum in Tampere (immediately after visiting the Lenin Museum -- which gave me a real case of cultural whiplash) and saw the original artwork for the books, which was a genuine thrill. And I visited Rauma, and drove along a glacial esker, and had an absinthe in the Atelier Bar in Helsinki and took part in a wood-fired sauna and ... well, Marianne and I had a fabulous time. Finland was extremely good to us. And so were the Finnish fans.

Michael Swanwick said...

Mario, these are the collected comic strips. It'll be interesting to see if they continue the strips through the point where Jansson's brother took over.

I saw one or two of the Moomin comic books, done by other hands, and they're not wonderful, alas. Sort of like the Disney comics of the 1950s that weren't done by Carl Barks.