Sunday, May 1, 2011

APPEARANCES -- Sunday Update


Joanna Russ is, as all anticipated, dead.  God bless her.  May her memory remain green and her books regularly return to print.

Meanwhile, I have added another convention to my schedule -- this one in Pittsburgh!  I love that city.  People who have never been there think I'm joking when I say that.

May 19-22      Nebula Awards
                        Washington, DC
                        (There's going to be a group signing, and this is the first event 
                         I'll be attending at which copies of Dancing With Bears
                         will be available)

May 27-30       Balticon
                        Baltimore, MD
June 7              New York Review of Science Fiction Reading

July 15-17        Readercon
                        Burlington, MA

July 22             Philadelphia Fantastic (reading)
                        Moonstone Arts, Philadelphia

July 23-24     Confluence
                         Pittsburgh, PA

August 19-21   Renovation (Worldcon)
                         Reno, NV

Sept. 21            KGB Bar (reading)

And in 2012 . . .

Aug. 31- Sept. 2   Chicon 7

Above:  Greetings from the future!  On a typical Twenty-First Century Saturday in April, you can expect crowds of from 100,000 to 150,000 people on Broad Street in Philadelphia.


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