Tuesday, May 3, 2011

And I'm in Print Again!


My contributor's copies of Eclipse Four (Night Shade Books, edited by Jonathan Strahan) arrived yesterday.  So I am in print again!  And feeling good about it.

Here's the contents list:

"Slow as a Bullet" - Andy Duncan
"Tidal Forces" - Caitlin R. Kiernan
"The Beancounter's Cat" - Damien Broderick
"Story Kit" - Kij Johnson
"The Man in Grey" - Michael Swanwick
"Old Habits" - Nalo Hopkinson
"The Vicar of Mars" - Gwyneth Jones
"Fields of Gold" - Rachel Swirsky
"Thought Experiment" - Eileen Gunn
"The Double of My Double Is Not My Double" - Jeffrey Ford
"Nine Oracles" - Emma Bull
"Dying Young" - Peter M. Ball
"The Panda Coin" - Jo Walton
"Tourists" - James Patrick Kelly
Which is a pretty exciting lineup of names.  I haven't read through the anthology yet, but my son Sean dropped by and read the Eileen Gunn story at one standing (literally; he didn't sit down) and pronounced it good.  So that's a promising sign, innit?



Frank Böhmert said...

Congrats! Great cover, too.

JJM said...

Ah, the joys of instant gratification ... just ordered a Kindle copy.

You're in pretty good company, there, Michael, I even recognize some of the other names. ;-)

Eileen Gunn said...

It is an impressive anthology, Michael. As someone who is (1)the product (in part anyway) of 8 years of Catholic education, and (2)a bit of a fan of William James, and (3) a passive observer of recent developments in the neuroscience of free will, I very much enjoyed "The Man in Grey."

I hope Sean enjoyed my story. I think that it is best enjoyed by someone who is standing, wearing sneakers, and poised to flee at any moment.

You'll notice that nowhere did I attempt to suggest that "Thought Experiment" was a collaboration. I do think it was a thought experiment, however....