Thursday, August 25, 2016

Ruled By Mummers!

Tom Purdom, the dean of Philadelphia science fiction writers and a friend of long standing, likes to mix up his reviews with the occasional astonishing choice. I am thinking, obviously, of the time he reviewed War and Peace as he would have were it a new release.

Well, Tom has done it again. This time, he's reviewed my first novel, In the Drift, first published over thirty years ago. He is kinder to it than I would have been (writers are hard on their firstborn), and careful to mention that I did get better later on.

The man's a mensch.

You can read his review here.

And, as Tom says, the ebook is available from Open Road Media.

And as long as I'm bragging...

Rave reviews keep pouring in for my new collection, Not So Much, Said the Cat. Perhaps most touching is the Locus review wherein the always-generous (a status I suspect he maintains by the simple expedient of not reviewing books he dislikes) Paul Di Filippo reviews every single one of the book's seventeen stories.

You can read it here. Or just go to and wander around. Always a worthwhile thing to do.

Meanwhile, over at the Open Book Society site, my collection got a five star review and so much effusive praise that I would blush to repeat a fraction of it. If this goes on -- but the reviewing season is almost over, so it won't -- I will begin to put on airs.

You can read the review here.

And as always...

I'm still on the road again. Which is why, what with misplaced adaptors and long car rides and the like, Wednesday's post is a day late. I apologize for that. Tomorrow's may be late too, since I'm flying home then. But I'll do my best to get something up.


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Sandy said...

A noble first effort, Michael;a very creepy and gritty dystopian novel.Those fans of Mike's work who have never read it should give it a read. If one were going to reboot that franchise, one would have to depict the mummers being driven from power by the electrician's union (which, unknown to people outside of Philadelphia, has evolved into a political power in local politics so strong that the Feds are investigating it).