Tuesday, August 9, 2016

My "Five Things" Thing


This is the second week in a row I've done a Tuesday blog post. It turns out that when you have a new collection out and are about to be a guest of honor at the Worldon, news tends to accumulate. He said, perhaps just a little full of himself.

Today's tid-bit is that I wrote a post for Tor.com. It's one of those "Five Things" things. And it's called "Five Fantasy Books You Won't Find in the Fantasy Section." I recommend 'em all.

You can find it here.

Oh, and also...

Over on YouTube, a young woman named Kalanadi gave a generous review to Not So Much, Said the Cat. This is the first YouTube review I've ever received. You'd think the genre readers/reviewers would be all over the New Media things, but it turns out not. Ricki, over at Bookhaven (2202 Fairmount Avenue here in Philadelphia; one of my favorite used book stores) told me once that e-books had seriously cut into the sale of used mystery books -- but not of science fiction. SF/fantasy fans, it turns out, are not early adaptors.

If you'd like to see the review, you can find it here.

Above: Tilda Swinton in the movie version of Orlando. I haven't seen it, but I really must. That's Orlando to a pippin.



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