Monday, August 8, 2016

Here It Is, the Distinguished Thing!


Eat your heart out, Joffrey Lannister! Beelzebub now sits on a throne superior to anything your royal butt has ever known.

I've received my author's copies of Not So Much, Said the Cat, which means that copies have shipped to the bookstores and my latest collection is now available for sale.

(Gonnabe writers take note: Author copies get shipped last, after all the important people have been taken care of. It's maddening when it's your first book, but it's done to maximize profits so, really, in the long run it's all to the good.)

Not So Much, Said the Cat can be found wherever, as they say, fine books are sold.

And since I've mentioned his name by implication...

I should drop in here the fact that George R. R. Martin is not just the author of pretty successful novels. He's also won Hugo Awards for short story, novelette, and novella (two). To say nothing of his two Nebula Awards for novelette. I've got all his short fiction collections, and they're well worth reading.

Not that I'm lending you mine. That's a good way to lose 'em forever.



Peter D. Tillman said...

My copy arrived this morning, along with the latest Dozois doorstop. That Beelzebub is quite a cat! Haven't quite processed that story yet, but it certainly moves right along.... ;-]

Liked the blurb from first-novelist F Wilde on the backcover, a nice turnabout. Your pick? I did enjoy her novel.

Hi to Marianne,

>I remember reading a proposal for fusion-powered microbes, but
>I can't find it now... --Logan Kearsley, rass

Lars said...

I believe that your title for this post are actually the last words of Henry James. How are they connected with the appearance in print of your latest?