Friday, August 5, 2016

A User's Guide to the Mongolian Wizard Stories


I'm about a third of the way through the Mongolian Wizard stories, all of which to date have been published at

Recently, I provided some notes on the first seven stories for a friend who had a related project going. They have, in the mysterious way these things have of happening, been published on File 770. And if you'd like an overview of what's going on the series, you'll find them of interest.

I should caution, however, that the synopses of the stories give away the twists and endings. So if you haven't read them but think you might like to, you should click the links and go straight to the stories themselves.

You can find the material here.


And if you're a serious collector...

The Dragonstairs Press extremely limited edition of Universe Boxes -- altered cigar boxes, found objects, very small art object, and a handmade book with "Universe Box," an original story by your truly -- goes on sale tomorrow, August 6, at 12:00 noon Eastern Coast Time.

Since there are only ten available for sale, they'll probably go fast.

You can visit the Dragonstairs site and see a video of me unpacking one of the boxes here.

Above: The illustration for "The Mongolian Wizard" is, of course, by Gregory Manchess, who has illustrated all the stories so far. You have no idea how fortunate that makes me feel.



Unknown said...

I haven't started the Mongolian Wizard stories, but I'm currently reading (and loving) Chasing the Phoenix. Is it correct that you're almost done with Darger and Surplus?

Sandy said...

Michael, you have been so blessed with good covers for most of your books. No truly terrible covers like the one on H. Beam Piper's sequel to LITTLE FUZZY, THE OTHER HUMAN RACE, for example.

Michael Swanwick said...

Ben, I have at least a few more stories to write about Darger & Surplus. I haven't decided whether I'll write the novels that would complete their saga by taking them first to the Demesne of Western Vermont and then back to London to see the new world they've unwittingly created. It mostly depends on whether publishers throw lots and lots of money at me to do so.