Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Sick Day

There are a lot of positive aspects to being gainfully self-employed.  I have the freedom to sleep as late as I want, there are no meetings, and if I feel like gallavanting off to (say) Russia, I can.

There's only one downside.  No sick leave.  So when I come down with something, I'm not only sick, I'm losing money.  You have no idea how treacly self-pity can be until you find yourself in that situation.

But I'm not very sick.  Only a little.  I'll be up and about tomorrow.



Ken Houghton said...

Not too sick to vote, we trust.

Feel better;participate in the process and explain Toomey to the rest of us later in the week, as only a fabulist can.

Michael Swanwick said...

I never miss an election.

People have died so I'd have this right and I take it very, very seriously indeed.

Admittedly, I was moving a little slow this morning, so I was number 54 at the polls. Normally I'm in the single digits, just after the polling officials and Marianne.