Saturday, November 20, 2010

Fossils Under Ontario


The first SFContario has begun!  So I am busy as busy.

Yesterday afternoon, however, I was in the Royal Ontario Museum enjoying a behind-the-scenes tour of the paleontology department arranged by Rob Sawyer.  Rob, his wife Caroline Clink, Marianne, and I were shown the main collection room, the vertebrate oryctology lab, and of course the museum displays by paleontologist Kevin Seymour.

That's him, above, uncrating the holotype of Parasaurolophus for us to see.  A very cool moment for us all.

At the opening ceremonies for the con, Rob said that we'd gotten the V.I.P. tour -- V.I.P. standing for Very Interested in Paleontology.  I've gotta give him ten points for the witticism.

Above:  There are about a hundred thousand fossils in the main collection room.  You can see a few on the shelves there.


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