Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Coming Soon

Still working on The Stone of Loneliness.  With luck, I'll be able to put it into the pie closet, to cool down for a few weeks, later today.  And while I was sleeping last night I came up with the final paragraph for The Dala Horse.  So I return to that story next.

Meanwhile, because I haven't been out and about and doing things, I don't have any news to report.  So I'll simply give you a short list of forthcoming stories, in my best guess as to the order in which they'll appear:

The Trains That Climb the Winter Tree (with Eileen Gunn) at Tor.Com

An Empty House with Many Doors in Asimov’s Science Fiction

The Man in Grey in Eclipse 4

Pushkin the American in Postscripts

Meanwhile, I'm researching the next novel.  So things are going pretty well here.  Even if Marianne does think I really ought to go to bed and try to sleep off this ague or elf-shot or whatever it is.  

Marianne's right, of course.  She almost always is.  But I think I'll finish the one story and then take a nap and get better this afternoon.  I really do want to see how it comes out.


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