Friday, October 2, 2020

My Mythaxis Interview



I was interviewed recently by Tais Teng for Mythaxis, a review platform dedicated to art and technology.

Tais Teng is a Dutch SF writer, illustrator, and sculptor. In his own language he has written everything from radio plays to hefty fantasy trilogies.In English, he's sold two 52 stories and two children's books. His YA novel, Phaedra: Alasator 824, written in the universe of Jack Vance, was published by Spatterlight Press. He asked a lot of very good questions, some of them difficult to answer.

And I'm me. 

So now you know whether or not you want to read the interview. You can read the interview here. Or, you know, just go to and wander around. Sometimes the most productive thing you can do is just start reading things at random, without worrying where you'll wind up.


And Jack Frost's Wake continues with . . . 


And the plaintext:

All the world is his canvas.

(to be continued tomorrow)