Thursday, October 29, 2020

Jack Frost's Wake (Part XXIX)


I had another glowing review the other day for The Iron Dragon's Mother. Which was richly deserved, of course, but I was still grateful to see it. It was given by Rich Horton over at his blog, Strange at Ecbatan. Here's the (potential) pull quote, from the end of the review:

I don't think I've come close to doing this book justice. But I can say that I loved reading it, and that it deserves as wide a readership as it can get.

I could quote gobs of the interview here. But I'd rather you read it in context. You can find the review in its entirety here.


And because we're almost at the end of the serial . . .

Jack Frost's Wake (part XXIX)




Plain text: and, indeed, the ultimate sentence that you realize


And just so you remember . . .

Blue as the Moon, Dragonstairs Press's latest chapbook goes on sale tomorrow at 5:54 p.m.--that's moonrise for that rarity of rarities, a Halloween Blue Moon. In honor of this event, Blue as the Moon will only be available until 7:17 a.m. At the subsequent midnight, the manuscript, foul matter, and any unsold copies will be burned. The video of the immolation will be posted online.



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