Monday, October 5, 2020

Blue As The Moon -- Halloween Only!



It is Marianne's whim, once in a blue moon, to create a Dragonstairs Press chapbook in an edition of 69 and offer it for sale only on the day of the blue moon. At midnight, the manuscript, mock-ups, and all unsold chapbooks are then ceremonially burned.

This year, Halloween falls on a blue moon. So I wrote some flash fictions appropriate to the day and season, which Marianne made into Blue as the Moon. The picture above shows the chapbook in the making.

 It will not be available for pre-order. Nor will there be any copies available the day after. All will be sold or burned.

A video will be posted of the immolation on November 1st, All Saints Day.

Meanwhile, you can go to the Dragonstairs website here to marvel at how almost everything Marianne has ever published sold out long ago.


And speaking of the season . . .

Jack Frost's Wake (part IV)


Text: In his wake, plants die, insects die, birds die, mammals die.


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