Friday, May 3, 2019

Yesterday's Post: Another Scribbledehobbledehoyden Hits the Shelf


I finished a notebook the other day and, for the sake of those who enjoy trivia, thought I'd share it with you. Long ago, when I was young, I named my notebook Scribbledehobbledehoyden because James Joyce's notebook was named Scribbledehob and I was young and pretentious. The plural of my coinage is Scribbledehobbledehoydenii just because that makes the whole thing even more so.

I have no idea how many notebooks I've filled in my time--hundreds, probably. And when I finish them, if I remember, I give each one an individual name. So this particular Scribbledehobbledehoyden, which runs from March 18, 2019 through April 27, 2019. It's named The Devil's Own Day.

And that's all, really. Now the thing goes on the shelf, waiting for the day when muster the energy to fill a cardboard with notebooks and put them in the attic with their brethren.

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