Sunday, May 26, 2019

APSA Day Two


Woke up at 6 a.m. and started dealing with business correspondence. Soon I'll go down for breakfast and out into APSA. Did I mention I have to give a speech today?

No pix, alas. Next time I go overseas, I must make sure I have the proper software for uploading snapshots in a usable format.

And from the Image Book . . .
Okay, now we're cooking. I cut an image from a fashion magazine and pasted it over one from an art mag. You'll note I cut off the arms. Normally, that would make the figure look mutilated and powerless. But by my reading, this one is only made stronger and more threatening. Whatever this entity is (and she's not human), she doesn't need arms. If she did, she'd have them.

The text reads:

She was there already. She
was not there.


Which is just me thinking out loud.

Above: For those who came in late, my latest novel, The Iron Dragon's Mother, will be published in 31 days. To draw attention to this fact, I'm serializing the Image Book I made to help me imagine a strange world for the book.

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