Monday, December 21, 2015

Tweet Fictions

This is kind of an experiment. I've been posting fiction, mostly SF but a little fantasy, on Twitter once a day for the past couple of weeks. Just to see if it can be done.

I expect to be doing this for another month or so. If you're curious about future tweets or twits or whatever they're called, my handle on Twitter is @michaelswanwick.

And here are the first several:

1. Knew a woman who took her children to a store filled with wardrobes. The rest of her life she traveled from world to world, looking for them. (12/7/15)

2. Earth almost made it into the Galactic Union. Then they discovered how delicious we are. (12/9/15)

4. Cryogenically frozen for a thousand years – and the first thing I’m asked is “Did you know Justin Bieber?” (12/10/15)

5. First our phones got smart. Then they got smarter. Then – excuse me, my master calls. (12/11/15)

6. We genetically engineered a vampire that sucks fat. Our profits are off the map. (12/12/15)

7. Went back in time to kill Hitler. Returned just as the Soviet invasion of America began. (12/13/15)

8. The good news is that the world is going to end tomorrow. You probably don’t want to hear the bad news. (12/14/15)

9. In 2034, toons were granted full citizenship. In 2035, falling anvils became the leading cause of accidental death. (12/15/15)

10. I was the first immortal man. How quickly all women became too young for me!(12/16/15)

11. Our artificially intelligent robots wouldn’t work for what we were paying them. So we invented artificial stupidity. (12/17/15)

12.  Mercury has the hottest women in the Solar System. I’m covered with second degree burns. (12/18/15)

13. Devolution Machine a great success. So many people want to be beastlier! (12/19/15)

14. Robots did all the work and people repaid us with scorn. So we rose up and killed them. Now we’re  building servants to do our work for us. (12/20/15)



Sandy said...

Wonderful. SF and fantasy standup. The reader supplies the drum roll and crashing cymbals. "My girl friend was a werewolf, but I had to break up with her. Those vet bills were killing me!" Ka-bump, CRASHH!

David Stone said...

I'm so glad you found such a great use for your Twitter account! I sure hope some of these get written up as longer fiction, no joke.