Monday, December 7, 2015

Seven Words of Wisdom From Alexis Gilliland



And in case you're wondering...

In my infallible and indisputable judgment, Alexis Gilliland is one of the very best cartoonists most people have never heard of. Mordant, witty, and very very funny. An extremely small fraction of his prolific output is collected in three books: The Iron Law of Bureaucracy, Who Says Paranoia Isn't "In" Anymore?, and The Waltzing Wizard, any one of which will set you back a pretty penny, provided only you can find someone willing to part with it.

My second favorite, after the above shows a bureaucrat sitting behind a desk with a small box on it. "This box of gravity-proof material contains a micro-black hole," he says, smiling nastily. "Doubters open it every time!"

Alexis is also a novelist and as such won the John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer, beating me out for the honor the one year I was on the ballot. But I have long ago forgiven him that.

Above: Yes, this sage counsel resides in my library.


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