Sunday, December 27, 2015

The Joy of Pessimism

I am a pessimist. This was not a decision on my part; it is simply the way I am. But on reflection, I am glad of it.

Every time I park my car in the city, go about my business, and return to find it where I left it -- not towed, unstolen, with windows not shattered by an opportunistic thief after my GPS system -- my heart soars. It's like receiving an unexpected gift from the universe.

Optimists never have this experience. I pity them. What sad, joyless lives they must lead!



TheOFloinn said...

Well said, sir!

Sandy said...

Which is why I consider "Fringe" a better series than "The X-Files" even if "Fringe" requires a greater suspension of disbelief. John Noble is FANTASTIC in his portrayal of Walter Bishop.