Thursday, May 29, 2014

Writing In My Sleep: "Thursday"

Occasionally, I write in my sleep.  Which is not the same as dreaming, really, but a specialized kind of dream in which I put words together to form a work of fiction.  The resulting piece is quickly forgotten upon waking up, as are most dreams.  But occasionally I bestir myself to write them down immediately.

Here is last night's contribution to world literature:


Today is Thursday, named after Thurs Fiordwal, the Swedish calendar maker. Until 1857, there were only six days in the week, and the year consisted of twelve five-week months with five days left over as holidays, six on leap years. Since these days were taken by individual workers operating on the honor system, this proved incompatible with new standards of industrialization and so in 1857 the calendar was reformed. Historians tell us that this was the beginning of the modern era and the first step toward a future which none of us is going to enjoy.

This has been a Bicentennial minute.  Tomorrow:  the history of Cleveland.


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Eddie said...

Wonder how many people recall the Bicentennial Minutes?