Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Voter Number 3

I got up this morning, had coffee, read the newspaper, and then walked over to the polling place, which is at the high school this year.

I always defer to Marianne at the polls, which is how I wound up as Voter 3.  Of course, it was a primary election -- and mostly a Commonwealth primary at that.  (In Philadelphia, the primaries are important because the Democratic candidate always wins.  So if you want a say in how the city is run, you register as a Democrat.  I learned that my first year here, when I registered as an Independent.)  Still, it's always sad when the turnout is low.

Me, I always vote.  Sometimes it's hard to figure out who to vote for.  Sometimes I have to scramble to find someone to vote against.  But patriots died to give me this privilege and I take it very seriously indeed.  The president of the NRA is going to say, "Take my guns away -- I don't want 'em!" long before they manage to pry the ballot out of my cold, dead fingers.

Afterward, Marianne and I went to Bob's Diner for breakfast.  I had an eggamuffin with scrapple, hash browns on the side, coffee, and orange juice.  Bob's serves up hash browns and scrapple both with a nice crusty surface.  So I headed home in a happy mood and ready to work.


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