Saturday, May 24, 2014

Mummers' Song


You may not know it, but I'm an honorary Newfoundlander.  I've kissed the cod at the screech and I have the certificate to prove it.  Even though I do live in Philadelphia.

One thing the citizens of both places have in common is mummers.  Newfoundland's mummers are very much like what our mummers used to be two hundred years ago (except that ours shot off guns in the air) and ours are very much like what theirs might mutate into a couple of hundred years after the Apocalypse.

I wouldn't give up the Philadelphia Mummers for anything.  But how heartwarming and fun Newfoundland mumming looks to be!

The song is by Simani (pronounced Sim 'n' I),  a music duet from you'll never guess where.  Enjoy.


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