Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Best Dr. Who Ever

It has often been observed that, as a rule, television viewers imprint on the first Dr. Who they encounter.  Thus, Tom Purdom was a big fan of Jon Pertwee, the third Doctor, and quit watching when some young upstart replaced him.  I, however, greatly admired the fourth Doctor, Tom Baker, particularly his lifts from Harpo Marx, and refused to give a fair hearing to whoever his replacement was.  And so on, I presume, unto this very hour.

However, just the other day Gregory Frost sent me the following YouTube clip, and it turns out that the very best Dr. Who ever was . . . was . . .  Rowan Atkinson.  Okay, yes, it was a one-time-only comedy charity episode.  But he's stunningly convincing.



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