Friday, December 4, 2009

Playing Hooky


 "Are you looking for the bird?" the worker at the Bree-Zee-Lee Marina asked.

Well, yeah, I was.  And there it is above, an ivory gull, which is an Arctic bird which never gets down as far south as Cape May Point, New Jersey.  Before now.

The above is how it all came out.  Below is how my blog looked this morning, before Marianne and I drove off into the birding wilds of New Jersey:

Playing Hooky

Did I mention that Marianne retired earlier this year?  That means that I'm old enough to be retired, if only I had a job.  Then I could spend all my time writing.

Except today.  Today I'm taking advantage of the whole self-employment thing by hanging out the GONE FISHING sign and playing hooky.  Actually, I'm not going fishing, I'm going birding.  There's a fabulously rare gull down at Cape May Point that Marianne would like to see.  But since I never catch anything when I go fishing anyway, I don't see that there's much difference.

But just so you haven't dropped by this page for nothing, check out the hypernew Nokia Morph here.  See how long it takes you to decide whether this product actually exists or not.



Eileen Gunn said...

It's not real yet, Michael. But when it arrives, people will be naming their children after Nokia....

Michael Swanwick said...

Oh, I figured that out pretty quickly. It didn't stop me from wanting one, though -- and I'm a late adaptor.

Quite a nice bit of advertising. Pity there was nothing to sell.