Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Ignore the Shoes


Marianne and I stayed up late Sunday night for the Geminids (at Valley Forge again) and then rose early Monday morning to receive and stack half a cord of firewood, and then drove off to run various holiday errands and then home again at last, absolutely exhausted, and looking forward to my son Sean dropping by tonight (I'm writing this on Monday) to help us pick up a Christmas tree at Gorgas Park.  Man, I love this time of year.  Especially since we hooked up the outdoors lights to a remote control.

Also, unexpectedly, I love the following fashion video.  Try not to fixate on the shoes.

Okay, so you couldn't ignore the shoes.  Neither could I.  According to the New York Times they're unwearable by anybody other than highly-trained catwalk fashionistas.  And even they, most likely, had some harsh things to say in the dressing room afterwards.

Still, what a stylish event!  I'm crazy about the robot cameras.  And am I the only one who suspects that the wonderfully faun-like phizzes of the young women were derived from Matthew Barney's Cremaster movies?


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JJM said...

Unwearable by anyone other than catwalk fashionistas and Lady Gaga, whom I vaguely recall wearing them in one of her videos. Not sure about the Cremaster tie-in -- I think McQueen is just carrying forward the moth theme.


As for those shoes ... I shall restrain myself from making any comment about them other than a simple: Anyone who wears those things voluntarily deserves the consequences thereof.

Thanks for the vid, Michael.