Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Dinosaurs for Sale

Psittacosaurus painting by Bob Walters

Look what I found on Etsy!  It appears that Walters & Kissinger, the dinosaur art studio, is cleaning house.  So, briefly, you can buy museum quality art by world famous dinosaur artists for entirely affordable prices.

How affordable?  Bob Walters' Psittacosaurus illo above is available for 150 dollars.  The scientific illustration of a Giganotosaurus skull, one of the earliest ever drawn, however, is not available at any price.  Because I nabbed it for a hundred bucks.

Full disclosure here.  Bob and Tess are friends of mine.  That said, these prices are a steal.  Do a little comparison shopping, if you doubt me.

You can find the Etsy page here.

Above:  Illustration copyright by Bob Walters and used with his express permission.



Mormolyke said...

I just bought the one of an Allosaurus skull. This summer, my husband and I spent a day in Wyoming on a dinosaur dig, and I found an Allosaurus postorbital, the first skull fossil found at that particular site, so I was pretty thrilled to see the illustration. Thanks for the tip! And it's cool that the artists are based in Philly too.

Michael Swanwick said...

Melissa, that's just cool.

Unknown said...


What are friends if you don't pimp for them from time to time?
I hadn't seen Bob or Tess for awhile, so it's always nice to catch up on news.
It does sound like they have some real bargains on their site - too bad I don't have the money to spend right now. But do let them know I said Hey.

Wayne Z