Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Kyle Cassidy on War Paint


Stories in Ink: Capturing the Art of Tattoos (Highlights) from Franklin & Marshall College on Vimeo.

I'm spending today packing and taking care of various promises made -- for an introduction, a paragraph, a list, an interview, and so on -- in preparation for Friday's jaunt to China.  So I wasn't going to blog today.  But then I came upon the above clip of Kyle Cassidy talking about photographing tattooed veterans for his book War Paint.  Which was so simple and clear that I felt I should share it.

There is something particularly profound about the images with which warriors decorate that skin that might be pierced by bullets, shrapnel, flechettes. 

War Paint is being published by Schiffer Books.  You can find Kyle's generous collection of images and information here.


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