Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Blogging Vs. Facebook


I've got this blog and I've also got a Facebook account, and they couldn't be more different.  If I say something serious on Facebook, I rarely get any response whatsoever.  But post a photo of my breakfast?  Twenty to thirty responses.  Not to mention the fan letters.

Seriously.  I get fan letters.  For my breakfasts.

They're good breakfasts, admittedly.  But still.  I think we can all agree that there's a certain . . . gravitas that's missing from the Facebook experience.

Lately, I've noticed  that, increasingly, people are making and posting humorous photo posters, like the above.  (Is there a name for them?  Thumbnail posters, maybe?)  Sometimes they're serious, and when they are, they're usually political.

Here on Blogger, things are the exact opposite.  I don't think I'll be posting very many political messages here.  But if I do, they almost certainly won't be serious.

Above:  Case in point.



skyknyt said...

Image macros, we call them on the Interwebs.

skyknyt said...

Also, and I'm hesitant to tell you of it, the other hand your knowledge of the perversities and bizareness of human nature might shield you from the shock, but image macros are the stock in trade of 4chan and its compatriots.

If there is any website that I might safely call "Swanwickian," it would be 4chan.

JJM said...

There are plenty of serious conversations going on on Facebook, but you're befriended mostly by fans, and fans tend to be enthusiastic about things like breakfasts.

They're great breakfasts, btw. Much better than anything I get.

Anonymous said...

yep, I liked the one image of the Cookie Monster in a smoking jacket with the caption "99% of the cookies are eaten by 1% of the monsters. Occupy Sesame Street".

Michael Swanwick said...

Image macros. Great term.

My son warns me to stay away from the chans. He's trying to preserve my innocence, I think.

JJM said...

[raises an eyebrow] You haven't told him much about your college career, have you? [laughs]--Mario