Thursday, September 22, 2011

Scribbledehobbledehoyden: The Magpie's Eye: Page 186


Talent is okay, but denial is critical.
                     -- Charles Barsotti

Einmal ist keinmal.
                      -- German proverb

Charles Barsotti is the cartoonist who drew the late and sadly missed Sally Bananas strip.  The German proverb translates crudely as "Once is never" or "One time is no time."  The wit dissolves in translation.

And the URL is for a site where fannish cartoonist Alexis Gilliland has very generously posted hundreds and hundreds of his cartoons.  My favorite is the bureaucrat sitting at his desk upon which is a small box.  "This box of gravity-proof material contains a micro-miniature black hole," he says.  Then, smirking in rather a mean way, "Doubters open it every time."

Terrific stuff.  Click here to see 'em.

I'm quite proud of the Muppet Planet.


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